An International Open Ideas Competition Anjali authored and conceptually created with the arch out loud just released!

Waste is a global issue common to all urban areas. The world now creates more than a billion tons of garbage a year, which it incinerates, buries, exports, and recycles. As major cities expand so must their ability to reverse wasteful tendencies and begin living more efficiently and sustainably. arch out loud asks participants to design a new multi-purpose stadium at the former Olusosun Landfill. How could this massive structure, known to be wasteful in its resources, limited lifespan, and inconsistent usage, confront critical issues of waste in Lagos while sited on a former landfill?


wonder as an INTERRUPTION

Featured on the front cover of Conscious Cities Journal No.4,  this essay explores wonder as an interruption through catalogue and application. Designed to emphasize the topic at hand: “the happened-upon”, the peculiar, the strange in the familiar, the unexpected in the expected, the unspoken in the spoken, the impossible in the possible. How can we design to make individuals more aware of the in-between?


NuVu X

As an extension of the NuVu innovation school, NuVuX aims to bring the design process and architectural pedagogy to the tradition school setting. All Saints Academy being the first of its kind to fully embrace the transition, has impacted teachers and inspired students to become creative explorers. Being the first design fellow, in response, Anjali designed  this book to showcase prototypes created within the 2016-2017 All Saints Academy school year.



With environments—both physical and virtual—themed in connection, play, and alternative possibilities, Lindsey Bailey’s work allows for the viewer to interact with props and imagery that evoke questions around identity, cultural inclusion, and globalization. Her work has appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world. 

She contracted Anjali to graphically design an exhibition proposal for Frist Art Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.



ECHOS is a platform for simultaneous conversations with shared ethos at UC SAID. The publication captures the work done at the University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design while showcasing student work, faculty research, co-op stories, study abroad programs, and snapshots from the many events happening at the school.

Two projects Anjali conceptually created, her thesis and cloudscape project, are featured in the publication as well as an interview revolving around her professional growth and inspiration.