An international artist and educator, Lindsey Bailey otherwise known as Cake Crush, approached me to design a book which would showcase her work. Her work allows for the viewer to interact with props and imagery that evoke questions around identity, cultural inclusion, and globalization. Currently a work in progress, Anjali hopes to showcase Lindsey Bailey's work according to how she conceptualizes it.


NuVu X

As an extension of the NuVu innovation school, NuVuX aims to bring the design process and architectural pedagogy to the tradition school setting. All Saints Academy being the first of its kind to fully embrace the transition, has impacted teachers and inspired students to become creative explorers. Being the first design fellow, in response, Anjali designed  this book to showcase prototypes created within the 2016-2017 All Saints Academy school year.

book design_test_Page_117.jpg

Wonder as an Interruption

An essay exploring wonder as an interruption through catalogue and application. Designed to emphasize the topic at hand: “the happened-upon”, the peculiar, the strange in the familiar, the unexpected in the expected, the unspoken in the spoken, the impossible in the possible.